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Everyone needs a refuge; a place where we can be ourselves and feel truly comfortable. It should be a nourishing space that supports us as we go out in the world everyday and do what we need to do. Unfortunately, the condition and appearance of our homes too often keeps us from fulfilling our ambitions and desires.

At TempleHome, we approach each project as an opportunity for transformation. Our goal is to create an experience within a space that evokes emotion, well-being, and abundance. We enhance each property's inherent qualities; outdoor space, historic lineage, or stylistic iconography and then meld them with cutting edge design and technology.


Xorin Balbes

Award winning architectural conservator, lauded designer, and philanthropist, Xorin Balbes discovered his passion and vision for the design and re-design process while renovating his first home in Santa Barbara "...it's important to honor the creativity of the past while at the same time respect(ing) and honor(ing) the creativity that wants to express itself now."

The founder and co-owner of TempleHome, which harbors an impressive high-profile celebrity client list, Xorin is also well known for his remarkable restorations of several architecturally significant properties in the Los Angeles area including the Sowden House, a 1926 Lloyd Wright; Talmadge Villa, the Los Feliz replica of a 17th century Italian villa and the former home of 1920s screen legend, Norma Talmadge; and the award winning restoration of the 1929 Art Deco Security-First Pacific Bank.

Xorin's impressive succession of re-designs and renovations encouraged him to develop his own philosohpy for home design entitled, SoulSpace. The process was born out of Xorin's discovery of a deeper purpose and meaning in his life, and his aspiration to share this deeper more soulful way of living with others.



We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office on Maui! We are offering full service architecture, landscaping and interior design through this island branch of Templehome. We have also opened a construction branch to serve the Maui community. We look forward to bringing our expertise and design abilities to this most beautiful […]

A REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE I’m not used to asking for help.  For the last 30 years I’ve managed to create an amazing life with a wide array of resources at my disposal. All of a sudden, I find myself building something that is bigger than me in every way. I’m a player in a cosmic […]

This article originally appear in the Huffington Post. ———– My Dearest Friends and Associates, I’m writing to share some incredible news.  As a select group of you already know (and many of you are just learning about for the first time) I am in the process of relocating to Maui. Not only is my company […]


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